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Features included in WinPCSIGN 14.0
Letter 2005

Basic 2009

Pro 2009
WYSIWYG cutting preparation    
Printing colors management    
Auto Prefeed
Perfect match & Font Finder
Kiss cutting option
Router functions
Intelligent search of your logos
Others features included in WinPCSIGN 14.0
Logos ready to cut and print 250 500 5000
New logos gallery, (purchase and sale logos) 20 000 20 000 20 000
Italic and Rotation in visual mode  
Copy properties  
Multiply copies.(circulars, lines, etc)
Cut shape with a straight segment  
Cropping image with rectangle,circle, oval  
Antialiasing display of True Type fonts
Edit and draw nodes of béziers, segments, arcs
Rotation on color gradient  
Distortions, Outline, Contour with welding, Shadow,Gradient  
Draw arrows, stars, polygons, ellipses, circles, rectangles  
Cutters drivers installed 1 300 300
Cut & Print all TrueType and Adobe fonts
Cutting by colors and objects
Choice of 5 cutting and printer register marks  
Multiples weeding contours
Verification of alinement of the cutters
Zoom details in the cutting panel
Edition and special effects on the images(noise,emboss, etc.)  
Convert object to image (BMP/JPG )  
Change resolution and color of the image (bits,dithering,etc)  
Import / Export Bmp, Jpg,Tiff, Eps, Pcx, Wmf, Wpc, Vip
Import vectorials files Eps, Ai, Dxf, Prn, Plt. Wpc, Vip, etc
Visual texte spacing  
Dimension-lines (see and print measurements)  
Production printing sheet  
Customer folder (jobs, notes, etc)
Transparent group  
Lines guides simple and magnetic  
WYSIWYG pasting,text layout
Cut,Copy and Paste text,objet and image
CD-Rom multimédia training 1 1 2
Complete online help
Color scanning & black/white.
Twain of digital cameras  
Remplacement of non-available fonts
Top quality MAX fonts 30 50 200
Engraving options,Filled, and Fonts  
Separate text in characters, word, line and outline  
Creation slide show  
Creation and edition of template (business card,label)  
Automatic sort objects by color (Front, back, etc)  
Real size of construction point’s selection zone  
Print catalogue of group of logos  
Convert a segment to béziers, in Arc and Bézier with a click  
Save document advisor
Simple interface to write any text on path and circle  
Different types de brushes ( Lines,squared etc)  
Manual vectorization
Automatic clean up of vectorizing path
See opened path (unsnap)  
See direction path  
Automatic numbers production  
Lock and unlock selected object.  
New tools to cut Foam ( chaining)    
Simulation of blade trajectory on the path    
Magic Ruler (real images measurement)    
Digital cameras Kodak DC200/210/240/260/265/280, etc    
Create and see images for web (html,screen, etc)    
Creation of circles with separated arcs    
Elimination of edges path angles    
Measurements of objects (auto calculation of lengths,surface)    
Super weeding of vinyl    
Automatic Black & White vectorization    
Photo cut Vectorisation    
Center ligne vectorisation    
Double lines vectorization    
Design center; Outlines, Shadows, Perspectives et Rotations 3D    
Draw a segment with a given angle    
Creation and correction of fonts    
Orthogonal rotation    
Automatic color vectorisation    
Automatic cleaning vectorization filter    
Enlarge and reduction images processing    
CD-Rom with 1200 extra max fonts    
Painting effects    
Histogram / Adjust histogram    
Merge any selection with an images    
Shadow with transparent.(gray and colors)    
Perspectives on images    
Softening of image contours (Soft touch function)    
Correction of image imperfection (Touch up function)    
Separation of an image in color plans (cmyk,cmy, rgb, black)    
Calibrations des couleurs des images    
Cropping image by personal path and text    
Masks effect    
Superposition of colors    
Adjustment of the semitone    
Accelerated impression of the images    


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